Me and my niece

Last year I went to Elfia with my niece Daphne. She is also a photographer and both of us enjoy visiting places together to take pictures and share our experiences. We regularly visit places together and have much fun. I think everybody has a bucketlist, so do I. One thing that was on my bucketlist was Elfia. I always wanted to visit the event to take pictures. I asked Daphne if she also wanted to go and she said yes. So the two of us went to Elfia.

Kingdom of Elfia

Kingdom of Elfia is the largest costume event in Europe and is organised twice a year in april at Utrecht in Castle De Haar and in september at the Castle gardens in Arcen. Unfortunately last year and also this year the event in Utrecht is canceld because of the corona. But the good news is that we may visit the one in the Castle gardens in Arcen at 18 and 19 th of september. Let’s hope so.

Relaxed atmosphere

We really enjoyed Elfia last year. The atmosphere was great. It was relaxed and there was a lot to see. The sun was shining and the weather was warm. We saw so many nice people wearing beautiful costumes. They all wanted us to take pictures of them. And that was good because taking pictures was one of the reasons we went to the event. See for your self below.

Because of the corona measurements less people were allowed to visit Elfia compared to other years. Most importantly the event took place. Luckily for me and my niece we bought our tickets on time. Everybody who bought a ticket could choose a time to enter. So we choose to be there from 11.00 o’clock till around 19.00 o’clock. So we had lot’s of time to walk around the park and see most things.

Magic is in the air

This year we also want to visit the Kingdom of Elfia. It´s wonderful to see happy people wearing beautiful costumes. Magic is in the air. And that´s not a joke. When it was almost time to leave the park we ran three people you can see below. We asked them to pose for us and so they did. I really love these pictures because you can see how much fun they had being there that day and wearing those beautiful outfits.

I gave my complimentary card to most people I took pictures of but it´s possible that not everybody has my card. So if you see yourself on a picture on this page, please contact me via this blog. I will send you the picture.

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