Workshop Portrait- and modelphotography at The New Photoschool in Arnhem

In the beginning of this blog I wrote that photography is my passion. And that most of all, I like to take pictures of people. It’s the interaction with the person that is standing in front of me that I like most.


For quite some time I wanted to do a workshop Portrait- and modelphotography at The New Photoschool in Arnhem. The workshop was given by two of Hollands well known photographers Hans Toonen and Hans Wientjens. Both of them are working together for over 25 years. Their work is famous all over the world. Check their website to see the work of this photography duo.


The workshop was last monday. We were with 6 students. Both Hans and Hans motivate their students to bring out the best in them. Definitely they brought out the best in me. I learned a lot. For example the two photographers taught me about light shaping, how to instruct the model and many more things. Their enthousiasm and passion for photography inspired me.

Check the gallery for some of the pictures I made with their supervision, in their studio during the workshop.

Model: Chinouk Kastermans; MUA: Loes Oosterkamp.