Greek taverne

Old Chersonissos and Rethymnon

Crete is a lovely island to spend ones holiday. Ther are many interesting places to visit or nice things to do. For example one day I visited Old Chersonissos. Old Chersonissos is a small place in the mountains close to Chersonissos. The tour guide who told me that the place is interesting to visit, said that it is about half an hour walk. The man from the pizzeria told me that it´s about 10 minutes walk. Well I went off and started to walk. It took me about 45 minutes. A little bit longer but I have to admit that I stopped at a real Greek taverne to eat something. I ordered a Greek salad with lettuce, onions, feta, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper. It was delicious.

When I arrived at old Chersonissos, I enjoyed it. With a village square, nice tavernes around the square. The street life is interesting. Old people met around the block, sat on chairs, took a drink, chatting with one another. It was a relaxed atmosphere.

The next day I went to Rethymnon with my rental car. It took me about 2 hours to get there. But it was worth the trip. The road to Rethymnon was nice. Sometimes I stopped to enjoy the beautiful view along the road. Rethymnon is a very nice place in the north of Crete. The old town has narrow streets with cosy restaurants and souvenir shops. The old houses are built in Venetian style. You can imagine it was a real party for me and I took lot´s of pictures.

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