Autumn 2016

On a beautiful sunny day last october I went to the “Vughtse Heide” to have a walk. I made some pictures. The weather was lovely. Even though it was a little bit cold. I enjoyed the walk because the sun was shining. That made that day so special. Many people had the same idea. They also went out to walk around the “Vughtse Heide”.

Later that day I went to the “IJzeren Man”. Not far from the “Vughtse Heide”. I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing to walk inside nature. To see the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves was enjoyable. When I got home I felt good.

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Sant Antoni de Portmany

The place I stayed on Ibiza is called Sant Antoni de Portmany. A nice tourist place in the west of Ibiza. There are lot’s of hotels, a nice boulevard, many shops. But the hotspot of this place is Cafe del Mar on the Sunset Strip. Among other lounge bars, Cafe del Mar is well known by tourists. Sant Antoni is well known to watch the sunset. Many tourists find their way to the sunset strip to enjoy the sunset. They lounge, have a drink and listen to the music Ibiza is well known of.

me at Cafe de Mar





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Ibiza june 2016

I arrived on friday 24th of june. My flight was very good. And within 2 hours and 15 minutes we landed safely on Ibiza. The holiday could begin.

I stayed in Sant Antoni, a nice place half an hour from Ibiza-town.


On sunday I visited Ibiza-town. A wonderful place. The harbor with beautiful yachts, The shore. Dalt Villa, little narrow streets with shops, restaurants and places to chill. From a terrace I was watching colorful people. And of course making pictures from the neighbourhood.  Nice moments to remember.
















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